There is a corridor of green land which runs from Hertford in the east, through the slim gap between Welwyn Garden City and Hatfield and – having brooked the A1(M) – southwest to St Albans.

The Central Hertfordshire Green Corridor Group believe we must preserve the benefits of this long established (and protected) east-west Green Belt corridor through Central Hertfordshire. We bring expertise and acute local knowledge on Heritage, Ecology, Access, Ecosystem Services, Development and Green Belt matters.

With this unique and broad collection of expertise, we:-

  • Increase public awareness of existing and potential opportunities in the Green Corridor
  • Promote greater public access to our natural heritage and environment
  • Preserve and enhance the existing benefits offered by the Green Corridor
  • Lobby for improvements to the Green Corridor with planning authorities, landowners and other stakeholders
  • Bring public and private stakeholders together
  • Respond to Local Plans and development proposals
  • Share specialist knowledge and improve communications
  • We aim to safeguard access to these beautiful spaces for our future generations.