Public Meeting

Public Meeting Thursday 23rd February

Riding School, Hatfield House Stable Yard, AL9 5NE

If you have concerns about the houses proposed for East of Welwyn Garden City and West of Hertford, and the potential effects of these proposals on the Green Corridor running north of the A414 between Stanborough and Hertford.

Please come along to the Riding School at Hatfield House at 7pm on Thursday 23rd Feb to hear about the work of the Central Herts Green Corridor Group (CHGCG). We are please to say that Lord Salisbury will introduce the evening, which will altogether cover ecology, heritage, green belt & planning issues, public access/amenity and concerns about possible disturbance & building on the old Cole Green landfill site with its hazardous contents. Presentations will last just over an hour and tea/coffee will be served, it would be very helpful if you confirmed you were attending.

Formed in 2015 CHGCG has been looking at how a vital Green Corridor can be protected and enhanced. Much has been achieved in defining the value and potential for this Green Corridor and representations have been made to East Herts District Council and Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council already, details of which are available here. The next key step will be the Planning Inspectorate review of each Council’s Local Plan this summer.

Please do share this as you wish, and do come along to hear more about the potential future of your area.

For further information, please read (and share!) this invitation.